Slow down music, learn how to play musical instrument.

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SnakeLoops is a media player for a musician. It plays music in slow motion without changing pitch of the audio and also repeats user selectable sections in music.

New version coming!

A new web site is up for upcoming all new Snakeloops 2. It will be available on windows!

New updates!

So ... new version is up! It is not so restricted in a trial mode. This is what has been requested :) Saving is allowed and run time is now 120 minutes, after that app needs to be restarted to play. So from now on you can practice guitar almost without interruption for free. ;)

Practicing Guitar With a Right Strategy

It is quite normal that when you start learning something new, you actually don't have a clear picture of what is the best practice for learning it. So you ask someone who has already learned this before or check the web for info (like this article). Someone might say that you should just practice 8 hours a day and might give you some exercises to play around with. That's all nice, but it will not do any good if you don't practice correctly. Anyway, you probably don't like the idea that you have to work real hard to gain something - its natural that first we want to find out the easiest way to gain something.

I can tell you that I have practiced guitar for 10 years now and i found out last year (finally!) what works the best for me. Exercising strictly only the things that feel comfortable and doing it slowly. I used mainly Guitar Pro and software that i wrote for slowing down videos and mp3's. I followed these new rules and started to see huge progress.

That gave me more motivation to go ahead. I started to put more focus into sensing how relaxed i was and I noticed that my hands get stiff really easily and i get anxious when I try to play a bit faster than what would be suitable. Its surprising that I didn't notice that before - I was probably busy TRYING to play. That is no way to play guitar. Take for example Yngwie Malmsteen or any other virtuoso. Notice how effortlessly and loosely they play.

So here are my tips to you:

It is actually hard to focus on playing and at the same time sense or feel how loose your hand is. But it is important to slow down to a level you feel comfortable. Mastering this thing has helped me to boost up learning process. I hope you will get that 'click' also one day when you can say that "I've had a huge progress during last year"

How to slow down and create guitar lessons from YouTube videos.

I will describe how you can slow down youtube videos and create exercises. It's easier to practice guitar tabs if you can play along slow. Hope it helps. I have used it for making myself guitar lessons - for free.

A message from the developer:

I started working on this app because I wanted to practice fast and difficult stuff from instructional videos. At some point i thought, why not make it available for everyone. So I have made an effort and here it is. I think there is really a need for easy to use guitar instructional video looper slash slow downer. You can do some research on the web and you'll find nothing else that supports video and at the same time is easy and comfortable to use for practicing. I will post here more on my progress and also i thought maybe I will post some FREE guitar lessons and tips :)
Cheerz! PS. There will be a windows version but how fast depends on how much support I get from you ;) .